Business Networking With a Twist

Step Ahead Networking, a relative newcomer to the Queens and Long Island business networking world is a one-per-industry networking group that meets via Zoom on a regular basis, but once a month, rather than once a week, allowing busy entrepreneurs to have more time for getting business done.

Any meeting that falls on a holiday is rescheduled at another date.  All of our meetings have a facilitator, which means that the person running the meeting is there to promote your business, not theirs.

With monthly meetings, attendance is particularly important, so absence and lateness is tracked, and every member is encouraged to bring value to the group in whatever way they can, which may include:

  • giving referrals to other members
  • meeting with other members outside of regular meeting hours
  • helping the group to grow by bringing guests and new members
  • making useful introductions, whether or not it will result in direct business
  • offering discounts on goods and services to fellow group members
  • helping your group to expand their knowledge by bringing relevant, books, articles, talks, etc. to their attention

We hold in-person inter-chapter mixers one morning a month in Nassau County, which allow all of our members the opportunity to meet members from other chapters.  

Members can visit other groups once per quarter, as long as there is no category conflict with someone in that chapter.  The facilitators will also be watching for good connections between members in different chapters.

The format of our meetings is designed to keep it fresh.  We’re the networking organization for the person who’s tired of the same old same old, so our groups will hear from each other as well as outside speakers as is appropriate.

Perhaps the thing that makes Step Ahead Networking most unique is our dedication to supporting charitable causes.  At the end of each quarter, each chapter will select a charitable organization which will receive 10% of net proceeds from that chapter.

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